Transport QC™ is an efficient, quick connect, remote control system that enables the safety and profitability of industrial rail operations. Transport QC is the portable system within the Transport™ family of remote control locomotive systems. It is a lightweight, compact system that houses all hardware and components in a single enclosure that can be easily moved from one locomotive to another. With a 10-15 minute installation time, Transport QC is the ideal system to maximize investment in remote control.

The system can be configured for various options, such as radio frequency communication, proportional train brake control, digital talkback, wireless 4G capabilities, two-way RF communication, and enhanced safety alerts. A number of self-monitoring features also are built in to minimize the reliance on operator intervention. Transport QC offers a variety of controllers designed to simplify the user experience. It’s simple operation means anyone who can run a locomotive manually can easily use and benefit from Transport QC.

Options Available for Transport QC:

  • Proportional Train Brake Control
  • Antenna Installation
  • Sounding Device
  • Maintenance Terminal Options – Direct Connect or via 4G Modem
  • Pitch & Catch 


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